Saturday, March 12, 2016

Will Trump Choose Condoleezza Rice as VP?

Jon and Allen analyze the GOP Primary ahead of Super Tuesday 3:

Jon: Trump is the first modern-day candidate never to use a teleprompter, and he instead just talks to people, which helps people feel included. Even though he is a billionaire, he speaks to us all on the same level. The Media underestimates that power; people are hungry for that.

Allen: Yeah, it's great! It's funny that he gets crushed so much for changing stances. He basically says what he thinks and sometimes changes when he receives new information; seems pretty reasonable

Jon: Two debates ago, he changed his stance on something while on stage, but people still trust him because he actually talks to them.

Allen: Yes, he did. And, it actually makes more sense than TrusTed who won't even consider any view other than his own. Ted just knows he's right all the time.

Jon: Lying Ted and Little Marco. Can you imagine getting away with calling well known politians that on national TV over and over, to their faces? It's nutz! And people love it!

Allen: This election cycle is definitely entertaining. Yep, Lying Ted and Little Marco. He called Ben Carson Pathological then got his endorsement. Amazing!

Jon: Carson and Christie will get cabinet positions or something. I think Trump wins GOP nomination and chooses a woman for VP. Could be Palin again.

Allen: I hope he does, a black woman!

Jon: Pretty sure will be a woman to take votes from Hillary.

Allen: It would be crazy if we end up with a contested convention.

Jon: Yes. We will basically know on Tuesday.

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