Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Why "The Donald" Will Be The GOP Nominee

The Donald understands how the Media works from the inside, better than any other candidate in the history of the Presidential Election, ever. Conservatives hate and mistrust the Media. And, no candidate will do a better job during this election cycle, and probably ever again, at dismembering, dismantling, humiliating, discombobulating the efforts of Media. He exposes their uncreativity, their paralysis within the P.C. fortress they've built for themselves and that they are now captive within. He points at them and encourages the Conservative masses to mock them alongside him. It's such a rare quality and power that The Donald wields that pundits and experts alike not only don't know how to grapple with it, they don't even understand it. They cannot interpret or measure what's happening, partly because it's incalculable and unpredictable, but mostly because it's a factor that is not normally present or measured.

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